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Iowa Customer Notice: MidAmerican will file a request for an increase to our natural gas delivery rates with the Iowa Utilities Board. Learn how the proposed change will impact bills
Iowa Customer Notice: MidAmerican has recently filed its five-year energy efficiency plan with the Iowa Utilities Board. Learn about the enhanced programs, how much energy it can help you save and the estimated impact to customer bills.
When you install a customer (or distributed) generation system, you will be charged under the Inflow/Outflow Rate, Net Metering (Rate NM) or Rate QF – which is dependent on your state and system.
Electricity charges fluctuate between summer and winter pricing. Learn more about why the change occurs.
Time-of-Use rates are split up between on-peak, off-peak and all other hours of the day. Residential customers who charge EVs at home may be interested in this rate option. 
Understand how your electric service connects to your home or business, and which portions are your responsibility to maintain.
Illinois Customers
  • Illinois Electric Choice - The Illinois Electric Service Customer Choice and Rate Relief Law of 1997 restructured the state's electric service industry. As a result, customers have choices about who supplies the generation portion of their electric power.
  • Illinois Functional Separation 
  • Illinois Part 452.70 Compliance