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MidAmerican Energy has been investing in renewable energy since the early 2000s, adding clean, environmentally friendly wind to its generation mix for the benefit of its customers.
MidAmerican Energy plans to be the first investor-owned electric utility in the USA to generate renewable energy equal to 100% of its Iowa customers’ retail use on an annual basis. The company now operates more wind turbines than any other rate-regulated utility in the country.
MidAmerican Energy’s wind development is good for the state of Iowa as well. Iowa leads the nation in percentage of electric generation coming from wind energy.
Wind farms have been good for Iowa’s economy too.
As of 2019, MidAmerican Energy has: 
  • Invested approximately $11.9 billion in wind projects, creating construction and permanent jobs across the state.
  • Paid approximately $26.3 million in property tax payments on our wind turbines.
  • Paid approximately $30.9 million in landowner easement/lease payments for our wind projects.
MidAmerican Energy Wind Farms
Prospective Landowners
When identifying potential wind farm sites, MidAmerican Energy considers the wind speed and direction, geographical features and the availability of transmission system interconnection at a potential site, as well as community support for the potential location.
To have property you own considered by MidAmerican Energy as a potential wind farm site, complete and submit the following Prospective Landowners form.
Iowa Wind Farms Map
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