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    At MidAmerican, we are obsessively, relentlessly at your service, which is why we are always working to keep you informed. Whether you’re looking to save energy and money, learn more about staying safe around natural gas and electricity, prepare for upcoming severe weather, you can find all that information and more in our tips and resource articles below.


    High bill? Find out why.

    Categories: Customer Service, Energy Efficiency
    There are different things that could affect how much energy you’re using, ultimately increasing your bill and adding a strain to your monthly budget. Determine what could be causing an unexpected increase in your energy usage with our tips and tricks.

    At your service in 2020 and beyond

    Categories: Customer Service, Safety, Storms
    Despite the challenges we've all faced in 2020, we're thankful for the opportunities we've had throughout the year to show our commitment to being obsessively, relentlessly at your service. Take a look through some of the ways we served you in 2020.

    12 ways to save energy and money this winter

    Categories: Energy Efficiency
    There are easier ways to save on your heating bill than shivering through winter. Try our tips to keep your home warm and energy efficient.

    Most Recent

    MidAmerican Energy Arena in Adair County

    Categories: Community
    Learn about one of the ways we support our partner landowner communities by funding construction projects like Adair County’s new show arena for their annual county fair.

    Wind farm facts

    Categories: Renewables
    Read interesting facts about wind energy in Iowa.

    What’s it like to work in a wind turbine?

    Categories: Renewables
    Ever wondered what it’s like being inside a wind turbine? Get the inside scoop with our interview with a wind technician at one of our wind farms.

    We’re prepared to serve you - even during extreme cold

    Categories: Customer Service, Safety, Energy Efficiency
    We expect both your electric and natural gas service will continue without interruption during this cold snap, and that the warmer temperatures coming later in the week will help resolve the challenges facing other utility providers outside our service area.

    Learn what it's like to be a partner landowner

    Categories: Renewables, Community
    Get firsthand accounts of the partner landowner program, what it’s like to have wind turbines on your property, and what helping support renewable energy means to our partner landowners.

    Big Sand Mound Nature Preserve

    Categories: Community
    The Big Sand Mound Nature Preserve is located south of Muscatine, Iowa, along the Mississippi River. It is home to a unique, diverse ecosystem of plants and animals and has among the highest concentrations of endangered species in Iowa.
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