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At MidAmerican, we are obsessively, relentlessly at your service, which is why we are always working to keep you informed. Whether you’re looking to save energy and money, learn more about staying safe around natural gas and electricity, or prepare for upcoming severe weather, you can find all that information and more in our tips and resource articles below.

MidAmerican Employee landing a drone on the pad next to a substation

Drones: Seeing Safely from the Sky

Categories: Safety, Storms
With advanced drone technology, our crews are able to take safety and reliability to new heights.
Home safety kit

How to prepare for storm emergencies

Categories: Safety, Storms
If your household or business has a safety plan that everyone can quickly refer to in an emergency situation, you’ll find you spend less time on making decisions and more time on making sure everyone stays safe.
Someone's hand changing the smart thermostat

Don't let warmer temps heat up your energy bill

Categories: Energy Efficiency
We want to help you be better prepared, and provide you with steps to saving money and lowering your energy use.

Most Recent

A flooded residential neighborhood showing multiple houses with flood water covering most of the lawn

Stay above water with these flood safety tips

Categories: Safety
Knowing what to do to prepare and recover from floods in your neighborhood – or even in your own home or business – is critical to your safety.
Firetruck in a warehouse

City of New Market lights up with energy savings

Categories: Community, Energy Efficiency
The City of New Market saved big on their energy costs after leveraging our Small Business Express program.
Man changing an air filter

Keeping summer cooling costs at bay for your business

Categories: Energy Efficiency
Tips for your business that can save you energy and money to protect your bottom line in the summertime.
Wind Turbine blades being taken down

Can wind turbine blades be recycled?

Categories: Renewables
Did you know nearly all of the components that make up a turbine blade can be recycled or salvaged?
Space Heater on the floor of a living room

Using your space heater safely

Categories: Safety
Over the winter months, a space heater can add additional warmth to your rooms. But, there can be safety risks. Follow our space heater safety tips.
Wind Turbine

Destination Net Zero

Categories: Renewables
MidAmerican Energy is excited to announce our plans for a new renewable energy project in Iowa – Wind PRIME.