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    MidAmerican Energy serves the energy needs of more than 1.5 million customers in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and South Dakota. We are a rate-regulated utility with the 12th-lowest energy rates in the nation.
    MidAmerican has invested approximately $13 billion in wind energy projects across Iowa. We currently have more wind generation capacity than any other investor-owned utility in the United States. And in 2020, we delivered 83.6% of our Iowa customers’ annual energy needs with renewable sources. Through our GreenAdvantage® program, our Iowa customers can claim the annual renewable energy percentage to help them reach their sustainability goals. 
    MidAmerican has retired five of its 11 coal units and as of year-end 2020, we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 58% since 2005.
    To finance a portion of our renewable energy development in Iowa, we have issued green bonds to investors totaling $4.4 billion. For more information on MidAmerican's renewable strategy, see slides 45-51 and 129-134 of Berkshire Hathaway Energy's 2021 Fixed-Income Investor Conference presentation
    We are stronger and more successful when we work together. MidAmerican works collectively with the Berkshire Hathaway Energy family of businesses to support our broader sustainability goal to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Reaching net zero in a manner our customers can afford, regulators will allow and technology advances support is key. This approach centers around making reductions now, delivering on commitments to increase renewables, investing in transmission infrastructure, and using proven technologies while continuing to explore innovative ways to allow the use of existing fossil resources in a more carbon friendly way.
    $36.5 billion investment in renewable energy
    Through December 31, 2020, Berkshire Hathaway Energy has spent $34 billion on renewable energy, and has made commitments to spend an additional $3 billion by 2022.
    Industry leader in owned regulated operating wind generation
    The American Wind Energy Association’s 2019 Annual Market Report listed Berkshire Hathaway Energy as the largest investor-owned utility of regulated operating wind-power capacity. 
    Advancing the U.S. Paris Agreement targets
    Berkshire Hathaway Energy supports the newly announced targets under the Paris Agreement to achieve a 50-52% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 2005 levels by 2030 and is supporting noncarbon and transmission projects that advance those objectives.
    Additional Resources
    View annual environmental and climate-related disclosures in our investor presentations via 8-K filings with the SEC and on the website:
    Wind turbine & blue sky