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Do you own rental properties? Whether you manage a duplex, residential homes, multi-family apartment buildings or multi-tenant commercial spaces, a My Landlord Account lets you manage energy service at your properties 24/7, for free.
Ready to get started?
  • Complete an online Landlord Agreement application. Have your Federal Tax ID or Social Security number, ownership and property information available to complete your agreement application.
  • A confirmation letter or an email regarding your Landlord Agreement will arrive shortly. This message will include instructions for creating a My Landlord Account.
  • Use your new Landlord Agreement information to create a My Landlord Account or add to an existing My Account.
  • To complete the Landlord Agreement by mail, please print and complete the downloadable Landlord Agreement application. You will receive confirmation once the landlord agreement is activated.
It's important that property owners and landlords understand all state and local codes, including MidAmerican's tariffs, that govern how service at your property can be managed and billed. See if master metering rules apply to your property. 
For questions regarding landlord accounts, please call 800-329-6261, or email,