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    Our media relations team is the media’s resource for information about MidAmerican Energy, company operations, outage updates, restoration efforts, emergency responses and requests to speak with company experts.
    Members of the news media with inquiries should contact us via phone or email thorough our 24/7 Media Hotline:
    Phone: 515-281-2266
    For all other inquiries, including 24/7 customer service or questions about your account, please call 888-427-5632.
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    News Releases

    Wind PRIME to be built at no net cost

    Thu Sep 29 16:30:17 UTC 2022
    In celebration of National Clean Energy Week, MidAmerican announced that its Wind PRIME project will be developed at no net cost to customers, continuing its tradition of providing clean energy and maintaining among the lowest electricity rates in the nation.
    Categories: Renewables, Wind, Solar, Infrastructure

    MidAmerican crews heading south to assist with Hurricane Ian

    Tue Sep 27 22:30:00 UTC 2022
    MidAmerican Energy is sending an emergency response team to Georgia to assist with Hurricane Ian restoration efforts.
    Categories: Community

    Humboldt veterans group wins $10,000 in MidAmerican state fair drawing

    Tue Aug 23 16:30:17 UTC 2022
    The Humboldt Veterans Memorial Association won $10,000 Sunday in a random drawing at the Iowa State Fair, through MidAmerican Energy CARES program.
    Categories: Community

    MidAmerican powers-up its largest solar array, sixth in 2022

    Wed Jul 27 16:30:17 UTC 2022
    MidAmerican Energy has completed its 100-megawatt Holliday Creek solar array, the company’s largest of six inaugural solar projects that it began placing online starting in January.
    Categories: Renewables, Solar, Infrastructure

    MidAmerican renewable energy mix exceeded 88% in 2021

    Mon Jul 11 15:30:17 UTC 2022
    MidAmerican Energy’s renewable energy mix in Iowa exceeded 88% last year, the Iowa Utilities Board verified in June.
    Categories: Renewables, Energy Efficiency, Wind, Solar, Infrastructure

    MidAmerican Energy asks South Dakota regulators to adjust natural gas rates for system investments, future projects

    Thu May 19 13:30:00 UTC 2022
    MidAmerican is asking state regulators in South Dakota to approve a natural gas rate increase to support the investment of more than $100 million in its natural gas distribution system in the state.
    Categories: Regulatory, Infrastructure

    MidAmerican Energy inspecting overhead lines from helicopter

    Mon Apr 11 15:30:06 UTC 2022
    MidAmerican Energy is using a low-flying helicopter to inspect its high-voltage transmission lines and related equipment across Iowa and in the Quad Cities area in Illinois this spring.
    Categories: Safety, Infrastructure

    Fifty-five communities to share over $100,000 in MidAmerican tree grants

    Mon Mar 21 16:00:06 UTC 2022
    MidAmerican Energy is helping dozens of Iowa communities lower energy costs at local public facilities and spaces through grants that encourage the strategic planting of trees.
    Categories: Energy Efficiency, Community

    MidAmerican Energy proposes $3.9 billion “Wind PRIME” renewable energy project

    Wed Jan 19 19:00:06 UTC 2022
    MidAmerican Energy today announced plans for a $3.9 billion renewable energy project in Iowa, including wind and solar generation, and the exploration of new technologies to advance the company’s transition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.
    Categories: Renewables, Wind, Solar

    MidAmerican Energy, BHE Renewables and Iowa Realty support Capital City Pride and 2022 Pride Fest

    Tue Dec 14 16:00:00 UTC 2021
    MidAmerican Energy, along with Des Moines metro-based affiliate companies BHE Renewables and Iowa Realty, are pleased to support Capital City Pride’s year-round programming and 2022 Pride Fest with a joint $25,000 donation.
    Categories: Community

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