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MidAmerican Energy is committed to remaining a
low-cost electricity provider, controlling expenses and helping customers save money by using electricity efficiently.
Electricity charges fluctuate between summer and winter pricing. These charges are greater during the summer billing period and we encourage our customers to take steps to budget accordingly. The summer billing period is June through September and the winter billing period is October through May.
MidAmerican's cost to produce electricity increases in the summer, therefore the price we charge our customers during those months also increases. Many customers with air conditioning also consume more electricity in the summer months. Energy usage could increase during the winter billing period, however most customer bills are lower during the eight months of this period due to lower energy costs. 
Time-of-Use rates are an option to offset higher rates during the summer billing period. If you’re on this rate, energy consumed in the summer during off-peak hours (10 p.m.-8 a.m.) and all other hours will cost much less than regular rates. But, this means you will be charged significantly more during on-peak hours (1-6 p.m., Monday-Friday), so it would be most cost-effective to shift your major electricity usage to off-peak hours.