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At MidAmerican Energy, we are on a mission to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 – all while maintaining the reliability our customers require, at a price they can afford and that technological advances support.
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A major milestone on our road to net zero is delivering 100% renewable energy to our Iowa customers each year through the GreenAdvantage program. And in 2022, we did it! Last year's record-breaking wind speeds across the Midwest allowed us to deliver 100% renewable wind energy to our Iowa customers over the course of the year!

To continue this streak and advance to our net-zero goal, we must continue to invest in wind and solar generation through the recently approved Wind PRIME project. This project will allow us to develop an additional 2,000+ megawatts of wind and 50 megawatts of solar and meet our goal of delivering 100% renewable energy to our Iowa customers on an ongoing basis.

But, the work doesn’t stop there. To meet net zero, we will also:
  • Investigate emerging clean technologies, like energy storage and advanced nuclear power
  • Build out transmission infrastructure
  • Work with stakeholders to accelerate low-carbon transitions
  • Partner with customers to be part of their decarbonization solutions
Meeting our net-zero greenhouse gas emissions goal, while we balance your needs for reliable, safe and affordable service, is just another way we are obsessively, relentlessly, at your service.
Wind farm with wind turbines