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Safety is the highest priority when you work around electricity and natural gas. Accidents can happen to anyone, but with the right training and the right practices, they can be prevented or minimized. Follow our safety guidelines, training and references to help you, your team and your community stay safe when you’re on the job. 
No matter the work you’re doing, we always recommend you wear protective gear appropriate for the job, inspect your tools and equipment before each use, and have regular safety discussions to make sure everyone on your team understands best safety practices.

Free safety brochures

Having the right resources can go a long way to keeping best safety practices fresh in your mind and a priority for your team. Get free safety brochures sent to you and your team, or get special on-site trainings from our Emergency Preparedness or Energy Delivery and Integrity teams to make sure you’re starting your job with the right practices in place. To request free brochures or training, submit an email request to with the subject heading “Free Safety Brochures” or “Free Safety Training.” Include in the body of the email your name, company/organization, valid mailing address or worksite location and your desired brochure quantity or the number of team members you wish to receive the training.