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Utility-scale solar energy has become an essential part of our efforts to generate energy with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions for our customers. MidAmerican's current solar projects consist of 141 megawatts of renewable generation capacity, adding to our nearly 7,700 megawatts of wind capacity. Solar development is another way to provide clean, carbon-free energy to our customers.

MidAmerican’s current solar projects in Iowa include:

Location MW
Waterloo solar project in Waterloo 3 MW
Hills solar project near Iowa City 3 MW
Neal solar project near Sioux City 4 MW
Franklin solar project near Hampton 7 MW
Arbor Hill solar project in Adair County 24 MW
Holliday Creek solar project in Webster County 100 MW
All of our solar energy projects feature single-axis tracking, which means they move from east to west throughout the day to follow the sun and help generate more electricity. Some of our solar projects are connected directly into the local distribution system, so we know that the energy being produced is being used in the areas where our projects are located. The Waterloo solar project alone has the capacity to generate enough energy to power nearly 19,700 average Iowa homes. And, all together, our solar projects include almost 400,000 solar modules.
Solar panels with wind turbine
We plan to add an additional 50 megawatts of solar generation with our approved Wind PRIME project. Combined with an additional 2,000+ megawatts of wind generation, this project will help us move us forward on the road to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.
If you are interested in private solar generation, you can find more information on the Customer Energy Generation and Rooftop Solar page. It’s important to note that customers and their installers are responsible for following the interconnection rules of the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) or Illinois Administrative Code Part 452, and for meeting all MidAmerican requirements.
If you’re interested in selling your land to MidAmerican to house solar projects, please fill out our online interest form