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Governance in our business means holding ourselves to the highest standards of safety, compliance, regulatory integrity and financial management – so that you can continue to depend on our reliable service for decades to come.
Every time you flip a switch or turn on a burner, the lights come on and gas flows. We know you rely on our services, which is why we work hard to create balanced outcomes for our customers.
Safety and reliability are critical to governing the intricate network of pipes and wires that deliver energy to your home or business. Through efforts like our STAR projects and the daily human performance habits that our employees utilize, accountability and commitment are at the core of our safety culture. But, safety isn't just the work we do outside your door. To protect our systems, networks and facilities, we are constantly monitoring and improving cyber and physical security measures. We also work closely with regional partners and regulatory bodies to maintain and improve the resiliency of our grid infrastructure. 
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In August 2020, a derecho – a massive storm with hurricane-like winds – left a trail of destruction across Iowa and Illinois. Although the storm interrupted more than 290,000 electric customers and created more than 1,500 gas emergency calls, our business was prepared. We mobilized our storm response trailers with additional equipment and requested aid from crews from 24 states. Our frontline workers and partners from around the country completed months of work in a matter of days to get service restored as quickly and safely as possible.
We consult with customers, regulators, legislators and other stakeholders to help protect the energy and economic needs of our customers. That's how we keep our energy services affordable, with electric rates 42% below the national average.
Transparency and accuracy in our emissions and financial reporting meets the highest standards. We have the utmost respect for our customers and our investors, and strive to provide the information necessary for all of us to succeed.
For questions related to the standards of conduct or electric transmission, contact our compliance officer:
Mark Lowe
666 Grand Ave, P.O. Box 657
Des Moines, Iowa 50306-0657
Phone: 515-281-2642