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Since 1998, company has invested more than $4.5 million in grants that added 93,000 trees across Iowa
DES MOINES, Iowa – (March 21, 2024) – MidAmerican Energy is helping communities across Iowa become greener and save on their energy bills through more than $100,000 in tree grants.
MidAmerican will award $112,635 in grant funding to 55 Iowa cities through the company’s “Trees Please!” program.
The program promotes tree planting projects in publicly owned community and school spaces in ways that encourage using less energy.
Trees can grow energy savings
Beyond the environmental benefits and added beauty that trees provide, certain varieties of well-placed trees can reduce energy use. For example, leafy trees, such as maple trees that provide shade in the summer, can help keep a building cooler if planted near a south wall. Evergreen trees and shrubs, such as pine trees that keep their needles year-round, can provide wind protection in the winter months if planted in the direction of prevailing winds, thus reducing heating usage.
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, carefully positioned trees can reduce a typical household’s long-term energy usage by up to 25%.
“MidAmerican’s ‘Trees Please!’ program partners with the communities we serve and goes beyond simply adding beauty and sustainability to public areas,” Erin Rasmussen, MidAmerican director of energy efficiency, said. “Whether it’s our own pocketbook or our local city’s budget, everyone likes to save money. And planting certain kinds of trees in strategic places is one way to save on your energy bills.”
Since 1998, MidAmerican has awarded more than $4.5 million in funding that communities used to plant more than 93,000 trees.
2024 “Trees Please!” grants
City of Allison: $1,000
City of Altoona: $1,000
City of Aredale: $1,000
City of Bettendorf: $2,000
City of Blencoe: $1,000
City of Blue Grass: $1,000
City of Bondurant: $1,000
City of Braddyville: $1,000
City of Bristow: $1,000
City of Cedar Rapids: $5,000
City of Chatsworth: $1,000
City of Clarinda: $1,000
City of Clarksville: $2,000
City of Coralville: $3,000
City of Correctionville: $1,000
City of Council Bluffs: $5,000
City of Dallas Center: $1,000
City of Davenport: $5,000
City of Denver: $4,000
City of Des Moines: $5,000
City of Eldridge: $3,000
City of Essex: $1,000
City of Gilmore City: $1,000
City of Glenwood: $1,500
City of Grimes: $1,000
City of Humboldt: $1,000
City of Iowa City: $5,000
City of Johnston: $5,000
City of Le Mars: $1,000
City of Long Grove: $1,500
City of Marion: $3,000
City of Marne: $1,500
City of Melcher-Dallas: $1,500
City of Merrill: $1,000
City of Missouri Valley: $2,500
City of Monroe: $1,000
City of New Hartford: $2,500
City of North Liberty: $1,000
City of Oskaloosa: $1,000
City of Polk City: $3,500
City of Pomeroy: $2,000
City of Red Oak: $1,000
City of Rock Valley: $4,000
City of Salix: $1,435
City of Shelby: $1,000
City of Sheldon: $1,000
City of Sioux City: $5,000
City of Soldier: $1,000
City of Solon: $1,000
City of Urbandale: $2,700
City of Varina: $1,000
City of Waterloo: $5,000
City of Waukee: $1,000
City of Waverly: $2,000
City of Wilton: $1,000
How to apply for “Trees Please!” grants
In the fall, cities and community organizations can submit grant applications to MidAmerican to be considered for grants of $1,000 or more. The company selects grant recipients based on a project’s merits, benefits to the community and the ability to obtain matching funds.
For more information, go to MidAmerican’s “Trees Please!” page, email or call 800-434-4017.
About MidAmerican Energy
MidAmerican Energy, headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, serves 820,000 electric customers in Iowa, Illinois and South Dakota, and 797,000 natural gas customers in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and South Dakota. Information about MidAmerican Energy is available at and company social media channels.