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Wind and solar development allows us to provide our customers with clean, safe, renewable energy. Renewable energy offers environmental benefits, supports Iowa’s economy and helps us keep our rates low. None of this would be possible without our partner landowners.
Across 35 Iowa counties, where the farmland is nutrient rich and the wind speeds are high, volunteering property owners have partnered with us to help generate renewable energy.
Through easement agreements, we issue annual payments to our partner landowners in exchange for access to a designated portion of their land and the rights to build, maintain and operate wind turbines and transmission equipment there. Current partner landowners are encouraged to contact us about lease payments or any issues they are having on their land.
As of 2023, we have more than 3,400 wind turbines across Iowa, which generate enough electricity to power more than 2.4 million average households each year.
Currently, we are interested in buying land to build our solar projects. This is different from hosting a turbine since there would be no reoccurring easement agreement. We currently have six established solar projects, but there will be more opportunity for us to purchase land for future projects.
Interested in having a wind turbine on your property or selling land for solar projects? 
When identifying potential wind farm sites, MidAmerican considers the wind speed and direction, geographical features and the availability of transmission system interconnection at a potential site, as well as community support for the potential location. Similar things are considered when identifying land to purchase for solar sites.
Landowner Interest Form