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The fall season can be a difficult time of year to manage your energy use when the weather flip-flops back and forth from warm to cool. But doing small things now will help you save energy and money during the fall and prepare you better for the cold winter months.

Follow these energy efficiency tips this fall:

[decorative icon] 1 with furnace filter
Get a furnace tune-up before winter – Getting a furnace tune-up now will alleviate any fear that it won’t fire up when it’s time to turn it on again and will keep it running efficiently and safely. If you decide you need to replace your furnace or upgrade to an energy-efficient one, we offer a rebate on qualifying natural gas furnace purchases for customers in Iowa and Illinois, dependent on available funding. Also make sure the filter in your furnace is new and clean to ensure efficiency over the cold months.
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Use a smart thermostat to manage temperature changes – Smart thermostats automatically adjust the temperature in your home based on occupancy and your preset preferences. Many smart thermostats learn your temperature preferences and establish a schedule that automatically adjusts to energy-saving temperatures when you are away or asleep. They’re simple to use and can be controlled from anywhere using your smartphone. And remember, the higher you set your air conditioner and the lower you set your furnace, the more money you will save. If you don’t have a smart thermostat yet, we offer a rebate for qualifying purchases.
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Adjust your draperies, shades and blinds depending on the weather – The sun can provide heat when your drapes are open, but closed drapes can double as insulators. For example, open your south-facing shades on sunny, cold days for extra warmth.
[decorative icon] 4 with sweater
Dress in warm clothes when the weather cools down – When the brisk fall air returns, bundle up in pants, sweatshirts and socks instead of turning your furnace on early. Controlling your personal temperature can help you control your bill on those Midwest fall days that range from 40° in the morning to 80° in the afternoon.
[decorative icon] 5 with caulk gun
Weatherize your home for winter – Fall is a good time to check all weather stripping in your home – fill in gaps and cracks, use caulking where necessary and install door sweeps. The better you weatherize now, the more energy you’ll save when it gets cold outside!
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Take our free home energy assessment – Compare your energy use to similar homes in your area and see what you can do to save more energy and lower your monthly bill. Complete a free HomeCheck® Online assessment to get a personalized breakdown of your energy use.
As the temperatures fluctuate day-to-day throughout the fall, you might even need some energy efficiency tips for summer or winter

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