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Follow these energy efficiency tips to reduce your energy demand and save money on your bill. 
Woman clearing rug from floor register
Set it smart
Set your thermostat 5 to 8 degrees higher in the summer to reduce your electrical usage.
Block the sun
Close shades and drapes during the heat of the day to help keep your house cool. Plant shade trees and shrubs on the south and west sides of your home to help provide natural shade. Place air conditioning units in shaded areas to improve operating efficiency.
Upgrade your thermostat
Set a programmable thermostat to increase the desired temperature by five degrees or more while you’re away and three degrees or more while you’re asleep. This will help to reduce your electric use and save money on your energy bill. Did you know customers in Iowa and Illinois can take advantage of up to a $100 rebate for qualifying smart thermostats? 
Keep it up
Check your air conditioner filters monthly and clean or replace them as needed. Wash outside air conditioner coils with mild soap and water to remove dust and dirt to improve operating efficiency.
Clear the way
Keep registers clean and clear of furniture and other obstructions to make sure air can circulate freely in your home. Keep your air conditioner unit clear of grass, weeds and shrubs to allow air to flow over its cooling coils. 
Keep it cool
Fans use less energy than air conditioners and can boost the comfort from an air conditioner, increasing cooling efficiency throughout your home. A portable fan set several feet away from a window air conditioning unit can spread cool air into other rooms and down hallways. Reverse the direction of ceiling fans to run counter-clockwise to draw air upward to cool the room. 
Let it wait
Use heat-generating appliances, like ovens, dishwashers and clothes dryers early in the morning or late in the evening when temperatures are cooler. Hang clothes to dry and use outdoor grills to avoid turning on appliances. Read more tips to save energy in the laundry room
Learn how you can take advantage of the energy efficiency discounts and rebates we offer for our customers in Iowa and Illinois.

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