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    All property owners must comply with state and local codes, including MidAmerican Energy’s tariffs, which have the force and effect of law, in regard to electric and gas metering, and how that metering serves their tenants.
    What is master metering?
    Master metering occurs when a gas or electric meter serves multiple units within a building or multiple buildings where the units are separately rented or owned. If you are the owner of a building in Iowa that is master metered, you must comply with Iowa Administrative Code and MidAmerican tariffs referenced below. Select the links below for important information regarding gas and electric master metering.
    Master metering is prohibited under Iowa Utilities Board rules and MidAmerican’s tariffs unless an exception is met. If your multi-occupancy building does not meet any of the exceptions as outlined by the Iowa Utilities Board, or MidAmerican’s tariffs, contact MidAmerican at 800-329-6261, to discuss individually metering your units to bring your multi-occupancy building into compliance with Iowa Utilities Board rules and MidAmerican’s tariff.
    Iowa Administrative Code
    199 IAC 19.3(1) addresses gas master metering and 199 IAC 20.3(1) addresses electric master metering. Please review these Iowa Administrative Rules for properly passing on charges for usage of master metered premises.
    Authorization for usage and billing information
    Customers who live in units that are not individually metered and who are billed for these services by their landlord, may request electric and gas usage and billing information when the customer of record or landlord has provided authorization for release of this data. You may use this authorization form to request this data. Once the form is received, MidAmerican will provide usage history to the occupants of individual units at their request.

    Gas master metering

    MidAmerican Gas Tariff No. 1, Substitute 2nd Revised Sheet No. 26 and Substitute 2nd Revised Sheet No. 26a provide the detailed requirements for gas master metering.

    Electric master metering

    MidAmerican Electric Tariff No. 2, Substitute Original Sheet No. 61 and No. 62 provide the detailed requirements for electric master metering. These tariffs provide the requirements of MidAmerican to receive service as a master metered facility.