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If your business or facility is more than 100,000 square feet, with total annual energy costs greater than $125,000, Direct Project Assistance can help you identify, evaluate and implement energy-efficient capital improvements that meet your needs.

Man driving a forklift on the floor of a warehouse with a pallet of boxed goods lifted off the ground

Incentives offered:

  • Site visits and/or assessments to identify energy-saving opportunities
  • Project evaluations to inform business decisions
  • Custom incentives to maximize the economics of energy-efficient improvements; these rebates are calculated based on first-year energy savings and the impacted end-use system
Energy Savings Impacted System Incentives
Process/all other
Natural Gas
Remember, you must obtain preapproval to reserve your rebate amount before purchasing and installing equipment.

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Success spotlight

The ALPLA Group is saving approximately $126,000 per year in energy costs with the help of Direct Project Assistance. Recently, the company installed new LED lighting, a high-efficiency chiller, as well as completed a Compressed Air Waste Heat Recovery project through the program. Learn how much energy they’re saving.