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If you are a larger customer, Direct Project Assistance will meet your needs. It includes system-specific engineering consultations, project evaluation services and project support for mid-to-large facilities typically more than 50,000 square feet with total energy costs greater than $100,000.

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Direct Project Assistance Incentives

Direct Project Assistance offers a variety of incentives:
  • Standard prescriptive rebates similar to those offered in MidAmerican's Nonresidential Equipment program.
  • Custom incentives for energy-savings projects not eligible for prescriptive rebates. These rebates are calculated based on first-year savings and according to the improvements made.
Custom improvements Incentives
Natural Gas
You must receive preapproval to reserve a rebate for your project before purchase and installation. Once your preapproved project is completed, submit an Iowa Project Installation Notice or an Illinois Project Installation Notice to request your rebate.

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