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Customer Service

Customer Service

At MidAmerican Energy, we take our slogan – Obsessively, relentlessly at your service – seriously. No matter what the task, our award-winning team is here to serve you.

Manage Your Account Online

With an online account, you can stop or transfer service, sign up for paperless billing, sign up for budget billing, and sign up for text messaging to receive outage updates, bill due/past due reminders, recurring payment reminders, and payment confirmations if you make a phone or web payment. Get started…


Get started with a landlord agreement by selecting the method that's easiest for you. Complete and submit your agreement application online, or print a copy of the agreement application, complete it, and submit it to us by fax, mail or email. To complete your landlord agreement application, you will need the:

  • Property owner's contact information (name, phone, etc.)
  • Property manager's contact information, if applicable
  • Property address/addresses to be listed on your agreement

Once the application is received, a program specialist will contact you within two business days to request additional information, if necessary, or provide you with the details to access your agreement online.

If you have a landlord agreement, sign on, select Add MidAmerican Account and then select Add Landlord Account from the My Profile menu. If you need to establish a Web account with MidAmerican Energy, register now.

If you choose not to establish a landlord agreement, but prefer to delegate certain rights to authorized parties concerning your MidAmerican Energy account(s)/services(s), MidAmerican Energy's customer authorization form offers this ability. Once completed and on file with MidAmerican Energy, the customer-authorized third party can receive account information or transact business with MidAmerican Energy on your behalf.

MidAmerican Energy also offers landlords the option to receive a copy of any notice of disconnect when one is sent to your tenant. Once the third-party notification form is signed by your tenant and on file with MidAmerican Energy, the notice of disconnect will be mailed to you at the same time it is mailed to your tenant.

Questions? Just give us a call at 800-329-6261, and we'll help you get started.

At MidAmerican Energy Company, we take our slogan – Obsessively, relentlessly at your service – seriously. No matter what the task, our award-winning team is here to serve you.

Once you've established a landlord agreement with MidAmerican Energy, you'll be able to use our full-service website to:

  • Request changes to an existing agreement
  • Add or remove properties from an existing agreement
  • Obtain Budget Billing amounts for properties
  • Start, stop or transfer service
  • View pending service orders

Transaction requests are processed within two business days of receipt.