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    At MidAmerican, we are obsessively, relentlessly at your service, which is why we are always working to keep you informed. Whether you’re looking to save energy and money, learn more about staying safe around natural gas and electricity, or prepare for upcoming severe weather, you can find all that information and more in our tips and resource articles below.

    MidAmerican Employee landing a drone on the pad next to a substation

    Drones: Seeing Safely from the Sky

    Categories: Safety, Storms
    With advanced drone technology, our crews are able to take safety and reliability to new heights.
    Home safety kit

    How to prepare for storm emergencies

    Categories: Safety, Storms
    If your household or business has a safety plan that everyone can quickly refer to in an emergency situation, you’ll find you spend less time on making decisions and more time on making sure everyone stays safe.
    Refrigerator with the door open

    Six ways to keep your refrigerator or freezer running efficiently

    Categories: Energy Efficiency
    Don’t lose your cool! 6 ways to conserve with your fridge and freezer this summer

    Most Recent

    Man changing an air filter

    Keeping summer cooling costs at bay for your business

    Categories: Energy Efficiency
    Tips for your business that can save you energy and money to protect your bottom line in the summertime.
    Woman staying warm wearing a sweater indoors

    Autumn actions lead to energy savings this winter

    Categories: Energy Efficiency
    The fall season can be a difficult time of year to manage your energy use when the weather flip-flops back and forth from warm to cool. Follow our tips to help you save energy and money during the fall and prepare you better for the cold winter months.
    Power strip

    Safety tips for your power strips

    Categories: Safety, Energy Efficiency
    Everyday electrical equipment like power strips can pose a safety risk if not used properly. Follow these easy best practices to stay safe around electricity!
    man holding furnace filter

    We’re prepared to serve you - even during extreme cold

    Categories: Customer Service, Safety, Energy Efficiency
    We expect both your electric and natural gas service will continue without interruption during this cold snap, and that the warmer temperatures coming later in the week will help resolve the challenges facing other utility providers outside our service area.
    Someone's hand changing the smart thermostat

    Don't let warmer temps heat up your energy bill

    Categories: Energy Efficiency
    We want to help you be better prepared, and provide you with steps to saving money and lowering your energy use.
    skillet cooking on stove being stirred

    Improve your energy efficiency in the kitchen

    Categories: Energy Efficiency
    The kitchen is the ultimate family command center and is always bustling with activity. But that activity can boil up and overcook your monthly energy bill. Consider our tips to saving energy and money.