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Avoid these 7 laundry mistakes to conserve energy and save money! 

  1. Watch the water fill line. Match load size to water level or only wash full loads.

  2. Seriously, read the detergent label. Using too much detergent causes oversudsing and may require more energy in the form of extra rinses.

  3. Your water’s too hot. Use cold water and cold-water detergent whenever possible. You’ll save more than $330 a year if your home has an ENERGY STAR® certified electric water heater (known as heat pump water heaters) or more than $80 a year with an ENERGY STAR certified tankless water heater. Find heating and cooling savings for Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska

  4. Don’t ignore your washing machine’s energy-saving features. Try using the cold water and pre-soak settings.

  5. You’re overdrying your clothes. Set your dryer’s moisture sensor to automatically shut off when clothes are dry.

  6. Upgrade and save. If you’re in the market for a new washing machine, look for an ENERGY STAR certified model. You’ll use 35% less water per load.

  7. Clean the lint trap. After each use, clean the lint trap to improve air circulation and increase the efficiency of the dryer.

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