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When demand for electricity is the highest, help save energy and earn up to $40 annually by joining MidAmerican Energy’s SummerSaverSM program.

How it works

The SummerSaver program runs from June 1 to September 30. By participating in this program, you agree to allow MidAmerican to control your air conditioning unit on the hottest weekdays (no weekends or holidays) between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. – or for shorter periods within those hours.
Enrolling with a smart thermostat allows MidAmerican to adjust your thermostat temperature setting through your home’s Wi-Fi. As a participant, you will receive a $40 end-of-season incentive if you remain enrolled the entire season. If participation begins during the four-month season, MidAmerican will prorate your incentive accordingly. It only takes a few clicks to enroll for the summer!
Don't have a smart thermostat?
MidAmerican offers qualified customers in Iowa and Illinois a rebate of up to $100 for the purchase and installation of an ENERGY STAR® smart thermostat. Before shopping for your new thermostat, make sure it is a SummerSaver-eligible model and please review all qualifications and conditions related to this program.
women using a smart thermostat

How to participate

Participation is voluntary. To participate, you must:

Current load control receiver (LCR) participants

Many customers already participate with existing LCR devices, a small cycling device on your home near the central air conditioning unit. The device is wired into your existing thermostat control circuit and acts as a switch, allowing us to cycle your air conditioner or air-source heat pump on and off. As a participant, you will receive a $20 incentive. These devices are no longer being installed, and will be removed as they reach the end of their useful life (typically 10-15 years). For more information about LCR participation, call 800-437-2976. Participating with a smart thermostat gives customers more control, a larger incentive and typically, greater savings – enroll online today!
Caution: SummerSaver℠ is not recommended for households with occupants who have health problems such as asthma, heart disease or respiratory conditions.
Questions? Call 800-437-2976, weekdays, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. or email
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