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General Information

The SummerSaverSM program (SummerSaver) is a voluntary program made available by MidAmerican Energy Company to its residential electric customers for the purpose of managing demand in the pursuit of lowering energy costs.  
Qualifying residential electric customers will have the opportunity to earn an incentive from MidAmerican Energy Company by allowing MidAmerican Energy Company to control the use of their residential air conditioning system through their qualifying smart thermostat between June 1 and September 30 when the demand for electricity is the highest.

Below are important terms that you must understand and agree to in order to participate in MidAmerican Energy Company’s SummerSaver Program:


1. Eligibility: This is a voluntary program for MidAmerican Energy Company’s residential electric customers. Customers in a single-family home with a central air conditioner or an air-source heat pump are eligible to participate. You must also own and occupy the home and have a compatible smart thermostat at that address.
2. Access for MidAmerican Energy Company: To participate, you must allow MidAmerican Energy Company access to control your device. To permit participation, you are responsible for acquiring and maintaining: (i) a working and reliable internet connection and Wi-Fi network (if device requires Wi-Fi) and other related equipment in your home that is positioned to communicate reliably; (ii) an internet service provider ("ISP"); (iii) other system elements that may be specified as required by MidAmerican Energy Company or the manufacturer of any required equipment (i.e. smart phone apps). You are responsible for all fees charged by the ISP in connection with participation in SummerSaver.
Your participation in the SummerSaver program will be terminated in the event that MidAmerican Energy Company is unable to communicate with or access the smart thermostat and communication or access is not restored within thirty (30) days' after notice from MidAmerican Energy Company. If communication or access is restored at a future date, you may opt back in, if the program is accepting new participants.
3. Device System Performance: If the device system fails to perform, you will have 30 days to resolve the issue and to have MidAmerican Energy Company test and verify that performance has been restored. If performance is not restored within thirty (30) days, MidAmerican Energy Company may elect to terminate your participation in the SummerSaver.
4. Control of Device: You acknowledge and agree that MidAmerican Energy Company may control the device in your home during the applicable Peak Alert periods. A Peak Alert made when temperatures are expected to reach the mid to upper 90s and when MidAmerican Energy is within 98% of its highest generating capacity – known as peak demand. Peak Alerts are also made when MidAmerican Energy is directed by its regional transmission authority to reduce electric load. SummerSaver events are anticipated to occur an average of 1 to 5 times per year between approximately 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Customers will be sent notification of a SummerSaver event, via a smartphone app or other electronic method, at least two (2) hours in advance of MidAmerican Energy initiating any control of your smart thermostat for the purposes of the SummerSaver program.
5. Data Access: Customer consents to MidAmerican Energy Company and/or MidAmerican Energy Company’s Implementation Contractors or their Subcontractors access and use of certain Customer data and information, including energy usage and consumption data, as well as non-sensitive personally identifiable information. By signing up to participate in the SummerSaver program, Customer consents to this information being accessed and provided to or by MidAmerican Energy Company and/or MidAmerican Energy Company’s Implementation Contractors or their Subcontractors. This information will be used to assist in programming, reporting, monitoring, and controlling the device system.
6. Enrollment & Term: This Agreement shall be effective commencing on the Effective Date and continue in effect in perpetuity unless or until terminated by either party. Either party may terminate this Agreement by providing the other party written or verbal notice to the other party. Written notice may be sent to
7. Liability: In no event shall MidAmerican Energy Company nor its Program Implementation Contractors or their Subcontractors be liable for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages to any persons or property resulting from or arising out of any use, repair, delay in repairing, replacement of, modification to, unavailability of, or status of the device system. MidAmerican Energy Company nor its Program Implementation Contractors or their Subcontractors shall be responsible for any costs related to the repair, maintenance or replacement of your device system.
8. Indemnification: You shall indemnify and hold harmless MidAmerican Energy Company, its Program Implementation Contractors and their Subcontractors for any injury or damage to any persons or property arising from their access and use of the device system, or caused by any breach of this Agreement by you, your negligence or that of your household members, agents, servants, employees, tenants, licensees, invitees, tenant's invitees, or independent contractors.
By signing this Agreement, you acknowledge that you:
  1. have read and understand MidAmerican Energy Company’s terms for participation in MidAmerican Energy Company’s SummerSaver Program,
  2. agree to allow MidAmerican Energy Company to control the device associated with your participation in SummerSaver during an event,
  3. remain responsible for maintenance, repair and replacement of the device system and
  4. understand the SummerSaver Program’s eligibility and rebates may be modify or the program terminated at any time without any notification.