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MidAmerican Energy’s Small Business Express makes it easy for you to get professional guidance to identify energy-saving opportunities. Small Business Express can help you create a plan and timeline for getting your energy-savings improvements installed while reducing your out-of-pocket cost and helping to reduce your building's annual energy cost. The offering is a streamlined process, delivered by Qualified Service Providers, who will assist small/mid-size facilities under 50,000 square feet with total energy costs less than $100,000.
Enroll Customer > Energy Assessment > Project Selection > Project Install > Payment
Get started with a free facility energy assessment from a Qualified Service Provider (QSP). QSPs will identify energy-saving opportunities, work with you to establish a plan to implement opportunities, and complete the installation of improvements while reducing your out-of-pocket costs.
If you don’t see a QSP in your area or your preferred contractor is not listed, call us at 800-432-8583 to discuss whether your preferred contractor may be able to become MidAmerican’s newest QSP.
Qualified Service Provider Map
Qualified Service Provider Map Key
Rebates are available for updates made to HVAC, lighting, compressed air and more. For a complete list of the specific rebates for each improvement, see the Small Business Express Reference Sheet.
Once installation and improvements are complete, customers may authorize rebates to be paid directly to the Qualified Service Provider to help reduce their out-of-pocket costs for the improvements.
Questions? Call us at 800-432-8583.
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