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What is a Peak Alert?
When extreme temperatures drive up the demand for energy across our service territory and regional grid, MidAmerican Energy will notify customers of a Peak Alert. This important notice is our request for all our customers to voluntarily conserve energy.
Customers will be notified through our website, social media channels and local news reports. Those who are subscribed to alerts will receive additional information.
When are Peak Alerts issued?
Peak Alerts may be issued when energy use is in high demand across MidAmerican’s service area or even across the region. This is often associated with extreme temperatures – either hot or cold. We may also issue a call to conserve energy when we are directed by our regional transmission authority to reduce the electric load.
A man standing in profile with head and hand visible, adjusting a thermostat mounted on a wall in a residence
What should I do in the event of a Peak Alert?
During Peak Alerts, help us save energy and reduce demand for electricity by taking the quick actions below.
In the summer...
[ICON] +5 degrees
Set your thermostat 5 to 8 degrees higher
[ICON] circle cross with stove/oven
Delay using large appliances (ovens, washers or dryers) until late evening or early morning
[ICON] ceiling fan with counterclockwise directional indicators
Turn off your A/C and run ceiling fans counterclockwise or use portable fans to circulate cool air throughout the room
[ICON] drawn blinds
Block direct sunlight by closing shades and curtains
In the winter...
[ICON] -5 degrees
Set your thermostat 5 to 8 degrees lower
[ICON] Sun with radiating lines
Open your curtains on sunny winter days. To help insulate your windows, close curtains at night and on days without direct sunlight
[ICON] circle-cross of a space heater
Reduce the usage of space heaters and other large appliances
[ICON] closed door
Keep doors closed to retain the heat inside
[ICON] hooded sweatshirt
Wear warm clothing while you are indoors
See more summer and winter energy-saving tips you can follow, not only during a Peak Alert, but throughout the year!
Sign up for text alerts
[ICON] 3 speech bubbles, foremost has an exclamation point

Stay in the know with your phone! You can receive updates about any outages in your area by signing up for text alerts on My Account.

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