Outages | Storms

Outages | Storms

This section offers general information about what to do before, during and after an electrical outage.

To better understand what can cause a power outage, it is helpful to understand how MidAmerican Energy delivers electricity to homes and businesses.


Electricity Generation
Step 1


Electricity Transmission

69,000 up to 345,000 volts

Step 2


Electricity Substation

Voltage reduction

Step 3

Overhead Distribution

Electricity Overhead Distribution

Feeder lines: 13,000 volts
A: Overhead tap and power lines
B: Transformer to reduce voltage

Step 4

Underground Distribution

Electricity Underground Distribution

C: Underground tap and power lines
D: Padmounted transformer to reduce voltage

Step 5

Homes and Businesses

Electricity Underground Distribution
Step 6

Following are the most common outage causes.

Weather-Related Outages

  • Lightning
  • Wind
  • Ice/Snow
  • Rain/Flooding

Non-Weather-Related Outages

  • Vehicle contact with utility poles or other electrical equipment
  • Animals climbing on poles, transformers and fuses
  • Trees contacting power lines
  • Damage by third-party contractors
  • Equipment overload due to high power demand
  • Planned outages to maintain equipment