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The meter attached to your home or business measures amount of electricity and/or natural gas you use each month. You probably don't notice your meter very often, but meters are the entry point for gas and electricity services in our lives.
Automated meter reading (AMR)
In the past, a meter reader would walk around and collect meter data from homes and business in each neighborhood, but new technology has reduced the need for human meter readers. Most MidAmerican customers' meters have automated meter reading (AMR) technology, which allows us to obtain actual meter readings remotely from a company vehicle. You may see the AMR reading vehicle drive through your neighborhood periodically to collect this data. However, we do continue to manually read some meters, that may include meters that are located indoors which is more common in historical buildings.
Meter access
To ensure the safety of our meter reading personnel and crew members who may need to periodically inspect or work on your meter we ask that you:
  • Keep animals restrained or confined when a MidAmerican employee is at your property.
  • Make sure steps and doors are in good repair.
  • Clear ice/snow from walks and steps.
  • Have meters free of obstacles or debris.
  • Keep the path to the meter free of hazards.
If we are unable to collect data from your meter or our meter reading staff cannot safely access your meter, your energy usage will be estimated. 
Ice and snow
Snow and cold pose no risk to your meter, but if your meter becomes encased in ice it can interfere with how the meter operates safely. Please call MidAmerican at 888-437-5632 if your meter is covered in ice. If your meter is covered in snow you can use a broom to gently remove the snow.
Lock boxes
Lock boxes are available to assist MidAmerican in accessing multi-unit buildings. The lock box is owned and installed by MidAmerican at no charge, and will contain customer-provided keys that allow service personnel access to MidAmerican's meters and equipment. Contact our Business Advantage team at 800-329-6261 or email for more information. Specialists are available Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., excluding holidays.
Master metering
It's important that property owners and landlords understand all state codes and local utility rules, including MidAmerican’s tariffs, that govern how service at your property can be managed and billed. Learn more about master metering to see if these rules apply to your property.