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Infrastructure serves as the most basic foundation for a community to run smoothly and efficiently. It connects people, delivers product and supports growth. EA365 broadens the definition of infrastructure to be more inclusive and encourages partners to think beyond physical aspects of infrastructure into areas which make communities not only functional but competitive. This pillar delivers a 21st century vision for community infrastructure and challenges traditional ways of thinking.
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Objective: Increase opportunities and remove barriers to support diverse population growth.

Population growth in MidAmerican’s service territory aligns with the national average of 3% growth during the last five-year period. Growth in non-white populations during the same timeframe was 17% compared to a 9% national average. Removing barriers and developing opportunities for future population growth is critical to the success of our communities. A diverse and inclusive population bring new perspectives, additional wealth and an enhanced workforce that all contribute to long-term community vitality. EA365 supports initiatives that foster an environment conducive to expanding population growth. 
Examples: enhance immigration efforts, develop culturally diverse training programs, develop inclusive growth strategies 
Students and there teacher working on a car engine

Objective: Attract, retain and develop a diverse workforce.

Prepare communities for tomorrow with enhanced workforce programs today. Businesses need talent to grow and communities require a population to attract new investment. The development of a strategic and thoughtful approach to address workforce challenges for a sustainable and inclusive future is critical.
Examples: programs to retain or retrain local talent, create business and educational institutions partnerships to address skill gaps and promote career pathways
Small Business Employee Handing a Customer a Bag

Objective: Build sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystems. 

Entrepreneurs are the visionaries that build businesses, create jobs and diversify the economic base in communities. Activities that identify and support entrepreneurs should be a focal point in a comprehensive economic development strategy.  
Examples: entrepreneurial development strategic planning, existing entrepreneurial program support and advocacy, development of marketing content to support entrepreneurial ecosystem, small business training, ecosystem brand development
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Objective: Expand comprehensive housing options.

Sustainable communities must have available and affordable housing options for all residents to thrive. A key component of attracting new business investment is ensuring its future workforce has adequate and available housing as well.
Examples: understand the needs and status of housing in your community or region, address local housing needs