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At MidAmerican, we are obsessively, relentlessly at your service, which is why we are always working to keep you informed. Whether you’re looking to save energy and money, learn more about staying safe around natural gas and electricity, or prepare for upcoming severe weather, you can find all that information and more in our tips and resource articles below.

Boaters enjoying the restored Brown's Lake

MidAmerican helps restore a community lake

Categories: Community
MidAmerican helped restore Brown's Lake in Woodbury County, Iowa, after dry conditions had drained the lake of more than half its water.
Woman staying warm wearing a sweater indoors

Autumn actions lead to energy savings this winter

Categories: Energy Efficiency
The fall season can be a difficult time of year to manage your energy use when the weather flip-flops back and forth from warm to cool. Follow our tips to help you save energy and money during the fall and prepare you better for the cold winter months.
unknown caller calling a cell phone

Scams: Dos and don’ts

Categories: Customer Service, Safety
Scammers use sophisticated techniques and are finding new and more convincing ways to target utility customers. But by following a few Dos and Don’ts, you can outsmart any scammer.

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Frustrated woman looking at a computer while speaking on a mobile phone.

How to spot a utility payment scam

Categories: Customer Service, Safety
At MidAmerican Energy, we want to provide you with ways to protect yourself and loved ones from becoming a victim of a utility payment scam.
two sets of feet in wool socks with a fireplace burning in the background

Home safety tips for a warm, worry-free winter

Categories: Customer Service, Safety
As the colder months drive us indoors to enjoy the warmth and comfort of our homes, it’s important to refresh your memory of indoor natural gas safety hazards.
A flooded residential neighborhood showing multiple houses with flood water covering most of the lawn

Stay above water with these flood safety tips

Categories: Safety
Knowing what to do to prepare and recover from floods in your neighborhood – or even in your own home or business – is critical to your safety.
Space Heater on the floor of a living room

Using your space heater safely

Categories: Safety
Over the winter months, a space heater can add additional warmth to your rooms. But, there can be safety risks. Follow our space heater safety tips.
MidAmerican Employee landing a drone on the pad next to a substation

Drones: Seeing Safely from the Sky

Categories: Safety, Storms
With advanced drone technology, our crews are able to take safety and reliability to new heights.
Hands covering base of shrub with mulch

Safety tips to follow this autumn

Categories: Safety
Digging, planting and harvesting are all good signs that fall has arrived. Consider the electric and natural gas infrastructure around you when taking on these tasks by following our fall safety tips.