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Scooping up mulch
MidAmerican's contracted line clearance crews work year-round to prune or remove tree limbs and vegetation near our power lines that pose a safety risk or could disrupt service. After we complete this work, the debris is chipped and turned into mulch, which we deliver to interested customers and communities at no cost!
We can deliver loads of 7 cubic yards of wood mulch to interested customers, tree nurseries, schools, parks or other facilities located near our line clearance crews' work area. To request a free mulch delivery, contact us at 888-427-5632 or e-mail us at to find out if tree crews will be working in your town soon. 
About MidAmerican's free mulch
Our unprocessed mulch contains varying sizes of wood chips and potentially some leafy material. With our mulch, you get:
  • Longer-lasting mulch – wood chip mulch compacts slowly because of the chemical and physical diversity in the mixture of bark, wood and leaves.
  • Protection for your plants – the microbes, insects and other organisms that wood chips attract help create a soil community that is more resistant to environmental disturbances.
  • A free way to support the environment – using wood chips resulting from our tree work helps keep debris out of local landfills and gives pruned trees a second life.