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Announcement coincides with National Clean Energy Week
DES MOINES, Iowa (9/29/2022) -- In celebration of National Clean Energy Week, MidAmerican announced that its Wind PRIME project will be developed at no net cost to customers, continuing its tradition of providing clean energy and maintaining among the lowest electricity rates in the nation.
The project, proposed in January and currently pending approval at the Iowa Utilities Board, would result in significant benefits for MidAmerican’s customers, including:
  • Affordability – Wind PRIME will be delivered at no net cost to customers and has potential to provide an immediate decrease in bills
  • Clean energy – the project will allow MidAmerican to deliver renewable energy that exceeds 100% of its Iowa customers’ usage annually 
  • Clean air – Wind PRIME is expected to result in an overall reduction of CO2 by approximately 75% from 2005 levels
Adding clean energy generation – especially at no net cost to customers – is a competitive advantage that no other rate-regulated utility can offer,” said Kathryn Kunert, vice president of economic connections and integration for MidAmerican Energy. “While every customer gets these benefits, we know how much our business community depends on our combination of affordability and verified green energy.”  
Through MidAmerican’s GreenAdvantage program, which applies to all MidAmerican electric customers in Iowa at no cost to them, the company enables every customer to claim a verified renewable energy amount, which in 2021, was 88.5%. With Wind PRIME, that will reach 100% on an annual basis.
“Nearly all members of the Iowa Business Energy Coalition have sustainability goals to decarbonize by the end of the decade to ensure continued success across all markets. Clean energy is a major component of achieving those goals and we appreciate MidAmerican’s focus on renewable energy,” Dustin Miller, IBEC’s Executive Director, said. “We will continue to work in partnership with our utilities on a variety of clean energy strategies for cost competitive energy for Iowa to ensure a bright economic future for our companies and the state.”
Wind PRIME also provides economic benefit to the state of Iowa. MidAmerican estimates that the Wind PRIME project will create more than 1,100 full-time jobs during the construction phase and another 125 full-time positions for ongoing operations and maintenance.
In addition, Wind PRIME will provide an average of $24 million-plus per year in local property tax payments on wind turbines and solar facilities, as well as more than $21 million in annual landowner easement payments.
A recently issued Goss and Associates report sponsored by the Iowa Conservative Energy Forum showed that renewable energy produces billions of dollars of economic impact for Iowa. Wind energy is an incredible resource in our state and with recent volatility in the gas market, our wind fleet continues to produce energy with zero fuel cost, keeping MidAmerican’s rates low and stable for customers.
For more information on MidAmerican Energy’s commitment to providing clean energy at an affordable rate, visit
About MidAmerican Energy
MidAmerican Energy, headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, serves 804,000 electric customers in Iowa, Illinois and South Dakota, and 781,000 natural gas customers in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and South Dakota. Information about MidAmerican is available at and company social media channels.