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    Company adds more wind and solar energy to meet increasing Iowa customer demand and to diversify current renewable mix
    DES MOINES, Iowa – (December 21, 2020) – Taking another step in its 100% renewable energy vision, MidAmerican Energy filed the Renewable Subscription Program (RSP) tariff, or pricing structure, with the Iowa Utilities Board on Friday. If approved, the program would provide MidAmerican’s qualified industrial customers with the opportunity to meet their energy growth with new renewable energy generation resources in Iowa.
    The proposed tariff dedicates the energy generated by specific new renewable energy projects, including wind and solar, to support the new electric load requirements by these customers in Iowa.
    “Our renewable energy vision, coupled with some of the lowest electric rates in the nation, prompted large commercial customers and businesses to open or expand here in Iowa,” Kathryn Kunert, vice president of economic connections and integration, said. “While our renewable energy generation is already significant for all Iowa customers, the RSP allows customers to pay a separate set rate, while adding new diverse renewable energy to the grid and helps participating customers reach their sustainability goals.”
    Customers not enrolled in the subscription plan would not pay for the additional designated renewable energy projects, Kunert added, but will benefit from the program in the form of reduced energy charges.
    “All of our Iowa customers still get the benefit of the renewable energy we deliver on an annual basis through the GreenAdvantage program, and that commitment is as strong as ever,” she continued. “We continue to grow our wind energy capacity, and now plan to add solar projects as well to keep moving toward a cleaner energy future and to deliver on our promise to customers.”
    Facebook, a longstanding Iowa customer, has committed to subscribe as an initial participant of this plan, once approved.
    “We are happy to have worked with MidAmerican to help create the Renewable Subscription Program and to enable 60 new megawatts of renewable energy to support our data center in Altoona, Iowa,” said Laura Walsh, energy manager for Facebook. “For companies like Facebook who care about bringing new renewable energy resources to the grid, this green tariff will provide another option for customers while further diversifying the Iowa renewable energy mix as the company moves toward 100% renewable energy.”
    Under the proposed tariff, MidAmerican would sell renewable energy and renewable energy credits from the designated projects to subscribing customers. The rate would be priced at a slight premium and remain fixed for 20 years based on the economics of the projects.
    Additional renewable assets support subscribers and all other customers
    To support the RSP, MidAmerican will purchase the Holliday Creek solar project, a utility-scale solar energy farm now under development in Webster County, from San Diego-based EDF Renewables North America. EDF is developing the 100 MW project, which will generate enough energy to power approximately 17,600 Iowa homes. MidAmerican expects to place 20 MW in-service next year, and the balance in 2022.
    In addition to Holliday Creek, MidAmerican also plans to build several utility- and small-scale solar projects across Iowa to support its progress in realizing a carbon-free future.
    Beyond the RSP, MidAmerican is on track to finalize its $922 million Wind XII project, announced in 2018, by placing the final three wind projects in-service by the end of 2020, including:
    • Diamond Trail: 46 wind turbines, 168.8 MW, generating capacity to power up to 71,300 Iowa homes
    • Palo Alto II: 45 turbines, 90 MW, generating capacity to power up to 38,000 Iowa homes
    • Southern Hills: 36 turbines, 131.3 MW, generating capacity to power up to 55,500 Iowa homes
    The company’s wind fleet now includes more than 3,300 turbines at 36 sites, with a generating capacity exceeding 7,100 MW. Last year, MidAmerican supplied its Iowa customers with 61.3% of their energy through renewable sources, mostly from wind energy. This year, MidAmerican estimates that will exceed 80%. MidAmerican’s retail electric rates in Iowa are currently the 13 th lowest in the nation, according to the Edison Electric Institute.
    About MidAmerican Energy Company
    MidAmerican Energy Company, headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, serves more than 791,000 electric customers in Iowa, Illinois and South Dakota, and 771,000 natural gas customers in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and South Dakota. Information about MidAmerican Energy is available at and company social media channels.
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