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Girl Hands with Tree
Planting trees can add beauty to your home and also can reduce your heating and cooling costs. Planting trees also improves air quality and helps protect and replenish the soil.
Put the power of shade to work in your community by applying for tree-planting grants. Our Trees Please! program promotes energy efficiency by providing windbreaks and shade while beautifying city-owned parks, roadways and other common areas within communities. Grant applications are sent to communities in the fall. Grants for tree-planting projects will be awarded the following spring.
Email: PlantTrees@midamerican.com or call 800-434-4017.
Call 811 Before You Dig
Before planting your tree, the law requires you to call 811 at least two business days before digging to make certain there are no utility lines or other equipment buried underground. For more information, visit www.call811.com.
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