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How do I know if an alternative retail electric supplier is legitimate? How do I find out more about them?
Certified and registered alternative retail electric suppliers can be found on the Plug In Illinois website. You also may review the supplier’s website for additional information.
Will I save money if I switch?
Potential savings depends on several factors, including the amount of electricity used, the current rate, and the price and terms offered by the supplier. Know how much your current bills are by creating an online account with My Account.
If I switch, will I receive more than one bill each month?
Yes. MidAmerican Energy will bill you for delivering your electricity, including maintenance of the delivery system and meter reading. You will receive an additional bill from the supplier that will be for the electric supply only.
What will be included on my MidAmerican Energy bill?
Your MidAmerican Energy electric delivery service bill will include a basic service charge, a meter charge, a delivery charge, and applicable clauses and riders.
Who do I call if I have questions about my bill?
Since MidAmerican Energy is your delivery (wires and poles) provider, MidAmerican Energy will continue to respond to power outages, electric emergencies, etc. MidAmerican Energy also will answer questions related to the bill for the services MidAmerican Energy provides. The supplier will answer questions about its supply bill.
What happens when I decide to switch?
The alternative retail electric supplier will provide the terms of service detailing charges and the length of time they will be in effect, including any early termination fees.
The supplier will notify MidAmerican Energy to complete the switch. MidAmerican Energy will confirm the switch in a written letter to you. Customers who return to MidAmerican Energy will be required to remain on bundled rates for 12 months.
May I continue on the programs I have now with MidAmerican Energy, such as Budget Billing and LIHEAP?
Yes. MidAmerican Energy will adjust your budget amount to reflect the delivery charge only. LIHEAP will be applied to MidAmerican Energy’s delivery bill. Ask your supplier if it provides a budget option.
Can my electric service be shut off for non-payment?
Yes. All MidAmerican Energy policies and procedures remain the same; therefore, if timely payments are not made after proper notification, etc., there is a possibility that your electric service can be shut off for non-payment of the delivery portion of the bill. The supplier will have their own credit and payment policies and procedures. Only MidAmerican Energy can physically disconnect a customer’s meter(s).
How do I know if the supplier’s generation is environmentally friendly?
Ask the supplier what percentage of their energy mix is from renewable resources. Electric suppliers must on a quarterly basis provide an environmental disclosure statement that lists generation fuel sources and emissions from those sources.
If I live in Iowa, may I choose an alternative retail electric supplier?
No. Iowa law does not provide customers with the option to choose their electric supplier.