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It’s estimated that by 2050, nearly 60% of all new car sales in the U.S. will be electric vehicles (EVs). Each year, automakers offer more EV models - many of which surpass 150 miles on a single charge - and studies show most U.S. consumers like the environmental benefits of this new technology. However, price and concern over the availability of chargers along interstates and highways continues to deter buyers. 

To remove some of these barriers, MidAmerican Energy has launched a first-of-its kind effort in Iowa to establish a network of DC fast-charging stations in rural and urban communities. A DC fast-charger, also called a “Level 3” charger, can generally charge an electric vehicle in 20-45 minutes.

We are now reviewing applications from businesses and community entities in targeted areas that are interested in hosting charging facilities that MidAmerican Energy will purchase, install and maintain. Charging station sites will be approximately 50 miles away from each other to address the range anxiety for customers and ultimately jump-start the growth of Iowa’s electric vehicle industry. See targeted locations and additional qualifications below.
DC Fast Charge Proposed Network
“We’re investing in a program that supports our customers by making emission-free driving more attractive and convenient. This goes hand-in-hand with MidAmerican Energy’s vision to provide our customers with 100% clean, renewable energy.” - Nick Nation, electric operations general manager, MidAmerican Energy
To be considered to host a DC fast-charging station, applicants must:
  • Submit a completed application along with supplementary documentation.
  • Be a MidAmerican Energy non-residential electric customer located in Iowa whose account is in good standing.
  • Agree to make available the charger for public use.
  • Be located within 25 miles of the proposed site locations. 
  • Not be located within 10 miles of another universal DC fast charging station.
  • Be located within walking distance of amenities, like restaurants, shopping centers, other points of interest.
  • Install permanent, MidAmerican Energy-approved signage to increase awareness and understanding of the benefits and opportunities for transportation electrification.
  • Must provide two parking stalls for use of the charging station. Additional parking stalls for future expansion is preferred.
  • Participate in program evaluation activities, such as surveys and questionnaires.
  • Indicate if there will be a cost for charging sessions and if so, create a pricing model.
  • Pay MidAmerican Energy electric bill for all charging power usage.
Once MidAmerican Energy selects site hosts, the company plans to begin building the charging network by the end of the year. 
For questions regarding offered rebates, please email: EVincentives@midamerican.com. For additional information about EVs or charging infrastructure, email: electricvehicles@midamerican.com.
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