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Iowa map showing coverage areas for economic development team
Kathryn Kunert, Vice President - Economic Connections and Integration 
Des Moines, Iowa
Green dot representing Katie Lord on the map
Vacant, Business and Community Development Manager
Urbandale, Iowa
Tim D. Grabinski, EconomicAdvantage Manager
Urbandale, Iowa
Yellow dot representing Kelly Swenson on the map
Kelly M. Swenson, Business and Community Development Manager
Des Moines, Iowa
blue dot that represents Sam Wagner on the map
Sam Wagner, Business and Community Development Manager
Sioux City, Iowa
purple dot
Greg S. Theis, Program Manager, Business and Community Development
Davenport, Iowa
Orange dot representing Danny Laudick on the map
Kristin Schaefer, Business and Community Development Manager
Fort Dodge, Iowa
Waterloo, Iowa
Tyler Gartenberg, Franchise Manager
Des Moines, Iowa
Megan Wagner, EconomicAdvantage Specialist
Des Moines, Iowa