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    Program available in:
    The Curtailment program allows our large commercial and industrial customers in Iowa and Illinois to receive financial incentives for reducing peak electrical demand. The program is designed to help maintain the resilience and reliability of the grid during emergency conditions. Industrial or commercial customers capable of reducing electricity use by 250 kW or more during peak demand periods are eligible.

    How does it work?

    MidAmerican will help you calculate an expected summer demand (the amount of electric demand your facility normally places on our system between 3 and 5 p.m. June-September), a firm power level (the minimum, or base level of electric demand to which you agree to reduce your consumption) and your load available for curtailment (summer curtailable load).
    Sample summer calculation:
    1,000 kW expected demand (3 - 5 p.m.)
     -750 kW firm power level
      250 kW curtailable load
    MidAmerican also will help you calculate your curtailable load for the non-summer season, which will be equal to the lesser of:
    • the summer curtailable load or;
    • the monthly non-summer demand, less firm demand level, based on the participant's previous calendar year energy consumption.

    Program details:

    • Participants are required to sign up for the entire year (June 1 – May 31).
    • Events run for a maximum of six hours each.
    • MidAmerican's business connection managers contact participants to issue warnings of potential curtailment periods two to six hours before actual events.
    • During events, customers must reduce their use of electricity supplied by MidAmerican by their contracted amount.
    • The reduction can be achieved by limiting air conditioning, reducing or shifting the operation of other equipment, or by using auxiliary on-site electrical generation.
    • Participants are required to provide a data communication line (telephone or Internet TCP/IP) for interval data transmission.
    • In Iowa and Illinois, this program is governed by Iowa electric tariff Rider CS and Illinois electric tariff Rider CS.
    How can my business help save energy?
    Save energy by simply reducing electricity use by your contracted amount at MidAmerican's request. Demand reductions can be achieved by limiting air conditioning use, reducing other equipment operation, or using a standby generator.
    When will I be asked to curtail?
    • When the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) declares an emergency 
    • MidAmerican's transmission and/or distribution system's operating conditions warrant reduced energy demand
    • When MidAmerican's system electic demand is high and energy supply is forecasted to be in deficit
    MidAmerican will provide a warning that a curtailment event is possible at least two to six hours in advance.
    What happens if I can't comply when I'm asked to curtail?
    • Compliance with all mandatory curtailment requests is important. MidAmerican must maintain a reserve of electric capacity. By curtailing your electric use during periods of high energy consumption and low supply or emergency events, you help to maintain this important reserve and the resilience and reliability of the grid.
    • If you fail to curtail when requested, MidAmerican may be required to purchase additional capacity to cover the shortfall and may incur financial penalties. You may be asked to pay your proportionate share of these added expenses; however, your share will not exceed your annual curtailment credit.
    • If you fail to curtail to your summer demand by your contracted curtailable load amount, MidAmerican may reduce your contracted summer curtailable load and/or expected demand or disqualify you from participating in future years.
    • If you are unable to curtail due to a one-time failure of your standby generating equipment and notify MidAmerican immediately, we may waive any or all consequences noted above.
    If you are notified to curtail and find you are unable to decrease your load to the firm power level, you must contact MidAmerican immediately.
    How do I participate? 
    • Contact your business connections manager for assistance in determining your company's curtailable loads. You also may contact MidAmerican at or call 866-584-0871.
    • Complete and return a Curtailment Program Application prior to March 15 of the contract year.
    • New applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
    May I cancel or change curtailment levels?
    Customers are required to participate for the entire plan year, as defined by MISO as June 1 through May 31.