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    Become an apprentice today!

    Apply to enter an apprenticeship with MidAmerican and begin a fulfilling career in the energy industry. Earn a competitive salary while you receive hands-on instruction from highly-skilled professionals. Learn the latest advancements in our state-of-the-art Training Center for Excellence and work for a company committed to providing safe, reliable and renewable energy to its customers. 
    Electric Lineworker

    Get paid to train

    Apprentices start earning more than $25 per hour. 

    Natural gas pipeline demonstration classroom

    Learn from the best

    Work alongside our most experienced electric delivery, generation and natural gas experts.

    Front view of MidAmerican bucket truck, pole install

    Obtain in-demand skills

    The energy industry is fast-paced, dynamic and evolving. 

    Explore our Registered Apprenticeship® programs

    Find the career path that’s right for you in one of MidAmerican's Registered Apprentice® programs. To be eligible for one of our trades and crafts apprenticeship programs, you must:
    • Be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED
    • Meet specific qualifications for the posted apprenticeship program including passing a pre-employment test
    • Successfully master the skills to advance to each level of training
    The line mechanic apprenticeship program also requires a certificate or degree from a one-year, approved line school. To find a program, search for "electric line programs" or "utility technician programs" at technical colleges near you. To confirm if a school’s certification is accepted, contact our electric delivery recruiting team at 515-281-2707.
    Find available apprenticeships


    Program length

    Starting apprentice salary

    Assistant Unit Operator

    1 year

    $34.70 - $35.47

    Certified Pipeline Welder

    3.5 years


    Combustion Turbine Specialist

    4 years


    Electric Meter Technician

    2 years


    Electrical Service Technician

    4 years


    Equipment Operator

    2 years


    Fuel Handling Technician

    1.5 years

    $29.58 - $30.85

    Garage Mechanic

    4 years


    Gas Serviceman

    1.5 years


    Gas Technician

    2 years


    I & E Technician

    4 years


    Instrument Technician

    3 years


    Journeyman Gas

    1.5 years


    Journeyman Welder

    3 years


    Line Mechanic

    2 years



    4 years


    Mechanic Welder

    3 years


    Meter and Control Technician

    3.5 years


    Substation Electrician

    4 years


    Substation Electrician Technician

    3 years