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    For many of our Customer Experience Agents, starting in this position is a foot in the door and the jumpstart to a long, fulfilling career at MidAmerican. The three employees below are prime examples that when you put in the hard work, the possibilities are endless.
    Carly a Customer Experience Agent


    Customer Experience Agent ▸ Gas Operations Supervisor

    Carly worked full-time at MidAmerican while working toward and completing her busines degree. Advancing her education and participating on different project teams have given her the tools she needs to continue on a successful career path – which in her 14 years here has included becoming a lead customer experience agent, taking that customer knowledge to the energy efficiency department, then moving over to natural gas operations.

    “Learn all you can. Take advantage of any offers to participate on different teams and get to know other areas of the company.”



    Jose a Customer Experience Agent


    Customer Experience Agent ▸ Learning and Enablement Manager

    Jose appreciates knowing he’s making a difference in others’ lives by working at MidAmerican – as we work to keep the lights on and the gas flowing for our customers. And although the work isn’t always easy, he says the leadership provided and the resources he’s been given have made it possible to achieve his goals in the last 15 years.

    “Never be afraid to ask questions and take ownership of your mistakes. The hard work will pay off.”



    This has proven to be true for Jose, as he climbed his way to a customer service supervisor position, made a move to the wind energy team and now finds himself looking at the big picture while serving on the business optimization team.


    Shanna a Customer Experience Agent


    Customer Experience Agent ▸ Director, Business Transformation and Reporting

    Shanna realized early in her career that MidAmerican would push for her professional growth if she prioritized it herself. So, she identified opportunities that would allow her to move to the next level in her career.

    Ultimately, every experience she has had in the last 13 years – which has included multiple positions throughout the customer experience department – has given her the background she needs to be in the senior level position she’s in today.

    “I’ve met lifelong friends and amazing mentors here who constantly challenge me to improve myself.”