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Look up and look out! Keep ladders, augers and any farm equipment far away from power lines for your safety and that of those working around you.
Harvest Safety
It’s that time of year for those early morning chores followed by long hours in the combine, harvesting crops until the late evening. With the extra hours, time pressure, additional farmhands working, heavy machinery – and, not to mention the late-afternoon sun glare – it’s no wonder harvest season is especially dangerous.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to your safety, especially when working around power lines.
  • Plan your route. Know the required clearances near your grain bins to make sure the wiring on your property is compliant.
  • Prepare for transport. Lower augers to transport level near power lines. Know the height of your cultivator or planter in the fold-up position. Your equipment may be taller in transport than during field use.
  • Stay grounded. Always make sure your auger system has a good ground connection.
  • Stay put. If your tractor comes in contact with a power line, remain seated until help arrives. Many electrocutions occur when the operator dismounts and lands incorrectly or tries to climb back on.
  • Exit safely. If there is immediate danger, like a fire, put your feet together and jump as far away from the tractor as you can – keep your feet together as you land and shuffle as you move away. Do not allow any part of your body to contact the ground and electrified equipment at the same time.
The distance between grain bins to overhead power lines is an important issue. MidAmerican Energy works to ensure that National Electrical Safety Code® power line clearance requirements are respected for both new construction and existing facilities. To learn more about clearance requirements, visit our farm safety page or contact us.

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