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1. What is the supply price per kWh (kilowatt-hour)?
2. What charges does this price include, such as basic service charges, discounts and billing options?
3. Does the price you offer remain the same throughout the length of the contract?
4. Will the price change with the seasons or based on customer usage patterns? If so, how often?
5. Is there more than one plan or rate from which I can choose?
6. Will I save money by switching? Do you have any special offers or incentives?
7. How does this supply price compare to other options in the market, including what I currently pay on an annual basis?
1. Will I receive an additional monthly bill with your supply charges on it?
2. Do you offer budget billing or an automatic or recurring payment plan? Can I select my due date?
3. Do you offer electronic billing and payment options?
4. Are there payment options if I fall behind on my bill? Are there fees for available billing and payment options?
1. Are you registered to serve customers in MidAmerican Energy’s service area?
2. What fuels will be used to generate the power?
3. Is your power generated from renewable resources? If yes, what percentage is renewable? Is there an additional fee for green power?
4. What are your customer service hours? Do you have a website?
Important: MidAmerican Energy cautions customers to treat personal, financial, utility account and meter information as confidential. Account number(s) and meter number(s) are the access keys to MidAmerican Energy account information. Only provide such information when you have a clear understanding of how it will be used. A block can be requested to prevent the release of information to alternative electric retail suppliers; send an email to; fax, at 563-336-3568; mail to MidAmerican Energy Support Services, P.O. Box 4350, Davenport, IA, 52808; or phone, at 888-427-5632 (residential customers) or 800-329-6261 (business customers). Note: If a block is placed on your account, you will not be able to access usage history online.