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Opportunities for Veterans

Whether you are on active duty, anticipating separation, recently discharged, returning from deployment, or long-time separated from your military career, you may have the skills and qualities we desire.

What's Right for You?

Candidates with military experience are recruited for a variety of positions throughout our organization. Civilian positions into which military experience has transferred well include:

  • Engineering
  • Garage mechanics
  • Outage project managers
  • Plant operators, supervisors and technical specialists
  • Safety supervisors

Transition Assistance

To assist you in your transition and ensure your military experience is most effectively aligned to a civilian position, we have partnered with Career Builder to offer you the MOS Translator tool. For a full listing of potential jobs, view our available positions.

Translate Military Skills to the Civilian World

Not sure how your military skills translate to the civilian world? Use your military job code (MOS/AFSC/Rating) to find related civilian occupations.

Example: 12R or 9901

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