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Summer and Winter Rates

Electricity charges fluctuate between summer and winter pricing.

MidAmerican Energy’s cost to produce electricity increases in the summer; therefore, the price we charge customers during those months also increases.

During the summer:

  • The amount of electricity used is higher, mostly because of increased air conditioning needs.
  • Additional generating resources are needed to meet demand. Most of these are more expensive to operate than other resources, which increases MidAmerican Energy’s average cost to produce the electricity.
  • MidAmerican Energy’s low-cost wind resources typically do not produce as much energy because wind levels are lower.
Summer Billing Period

The summer billing period
is June through September.

Winter Billing Period

The winter billing period
is October through May.

Energy-Saving Ideas

Interested in no- and low-cost energy-saving ideas for summer? View MidAmerican Energy's summer electricity costs and savings tips brochure.