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Solar Energy


MidAmerican Energy supports all forms of renewable energy, including solar. We continue to explore ways to diversify energy production while keeping prices affordable for our customers.

Balancing Customer Needs

MidAmerican Energy filed changes to its private generation tariff with the Iowa Utilities Board. The changes relate to the amount we pay customers who install private solar and wind generation for the extra energy they make and put onto the power grid.

Most private solar customers remain connected to the power grid for back-up power to use when the sun isn’t shining. However, they pay less for using the grid – customers who don’t have private solar end up paying the difference.

We believe the filing is a step forward in the process to balance the needs of all customers and ensure that customers who install private generation pay their share of the costs for maintaining the grid.

We will continue to move policies in a direction that encourage private solar and wind development.