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    Customer generation – or private generation – systems are small-scale, on-site power sources located at or near customers’ homes or businesses. Common private generation technologies include wind turbines, solar panels, internal combustion engines, gas turbines and fuel cells, to name a few. Customer generation is a way to generate and distribute renewable energy back onto the grid and oftentimes it helps offset your personal energy bills. 
    However, to maintain reliable energy most customers will choose to remain connected to MidAmerican's electric delivery system. An interconnection is the connection of electric facilities between MidAmerican and a customer. 
    To get started with private generation, customers must submit an interconnection application.
    Inflow/Outflow Rate (starting December 1, 2020)
    You pay the kWh retail volumetric rate (including riders) for all MidAmerican power delivered to your meter during each 15-minute period of the billing period (inflow). MidAmerican credits you the kWh retail volumetric rate (including riders) for all net power delivered to the grid during each 15-minute period of the billing period (outflow). The energy outflow is credited at the kWh retail volumetric rate and will carry over to a future billing period, if you contribute more energy to the grid than you used. These excess credits expire based on your annual billing year (January or April) and are then used to reduce energy costs for all customers.
    To choose when you'd like your annual calendar to reset, complete this Rate IO election form
    South Dakota
    Customers and their installers are responsible for following the interconnection rules of the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) and Illinois Administrative Code Part 452, and for meeting all MidAmerican requirements. 
    Review technical requirements for the interconnection of customer-owned distributed generation facilities to the MidAmerican electric distribution system where the nominal delivery voltage is 15 kV or less.
    Once your private generation system is activated, your energy rates will change based on approved tariffs and regulatory rules. 
    The net metering pilot rate is a billing method offered to eligible renewable private generation facilities located in MidAmerican's Iowa (prior to December 31, 2020) and Illinois electric service territory.
    MidAmerican offers a purchase rate for energy produced onto its electric distribution system from a FERC-approved qualifying facility.