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Our Community

MidAmerican Energy and its employees are committed to protecting our environment for the benefit of future generations.

Iowa Habitat Preservation

MidAmerican Energy set aside 420 acres for an environmental preserve during the development of the Louisa Generating Station in Muscatine, Iowa. Since that time, Monsanto, an industrial neighbor, has added an additional 90 acres. Together, this area is known as the Big Sand Mound Nature Preserve.

MidAmerican Energy and Monsanto work together to maintain the natural state of the 510-acre preserve. The site is a diverse ecosystem of plants and animals, rolling sandy hills, open prairie, woodlands and shallow ponds. More than 600 different plants have been identified on the site and, due to available habitat, a wide variety of unusual animals flourish.

Restoring Prairie Grasslands

In the early 1970s, a MidAmerican Energy predecessor company purchased 3,600 acres of land in Jasper County, near Prairie City, Iowa. In the '80s, Iowa Congressman Neal Smith was promoting the idea of a wildlife refuge and prairie restoration project in central Iowa. MidAmerican Energy made the company's site near Prairie City available, and joined with area conservation leaders, Congressman Smith and the U.S. Department of the Interior to secure the property and establish the refuge. Congress formally approved the establishment of the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge in 1990.