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MidAmerican Energy Announces Iowa Customers Tree Sale Program, Community Tree Grants

DES MOINES, Iowa – (March 8, 2018) – MidAmerican Energy’s Iowa customers and their communities can plant more trees through two company programs that promote tree planting across its service area.

“Plant Some Shade” Program
MidAmerican Energy’s residential customers in Iowa can purchase up to two trees for less than half price through the “Plant Some Shade” program. The trees, worth at least $65 at regular retail price, are available for $30 apiece on a first-come, first-served basis.

The program offers 3-to-10 feet tall deciduous trees, low-growing ornamental shade trees, and 2-1/2 feet tall conifers.

Deciduous trees, which lose their leaves in the fall, can provide shade on hot summer days to ease the cooling load on air conditioners. According to USDA Forest Service research, strategically placed mature trees can cut annual air conditioning demands up to 56 percent and heating costs up to three percent.

Low-growing ornamental shade trees and conifers, commonly called evergreens, are often used for windbreaks and can shield homes from winter winds.

“We encourage our customers to plant trees around their homes to promote energy efficiency and environmental stewardship,” Tina Yoder, MidAmerican Energy director of energy efficiency, said. “Trees help protect homes from the elements year-round, which helps our customers save energy and money.”

MidAmerican Energy customers must order and purchase the trees in advance through order forms available on the company’s "Plant Trees, Save Energy" page. Customers can then pick up trees they ordered at Plant Some Shade events April 18 in Cedar Rapids, April 19 in Davenport, April 26 in Iowa City, April 28 in Council Bluffs, May 3 in Waterloo, May 5 in Des Moines, May 10 in Fort Dodge and May 19 in Indianola.

Administered by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and implemented by local partners throughout the state, MidAmerican Energy partners with each to promote the program.

“The Plant Some Shade program is an excellent opportunity for homeowners to purchase high-quality trees at a low price,” Evan Miller, DNR partnership coordinator, said. “Spring is a great time to plant new trees. Warm spring days and cool nights are perfect for tree establishment and root growth.”

“Trees Please!” Community Grant Awards
In a separate effort promoting community-wide tree planting, later this month MidAmerican Energy will deliver checks to communities that submitted winning grant applications last fall for the company’s “Trees Please!” energy efficiency program.

The program awards more than $219,000 through 72 grants to Iowa cities and communities to fund tree planting projects in public areas such as parks and roadways. Since 1998, MidAmerican Energy has awarded more than $4 million in funding.

“We’re proud to give back to our communities through the Trees Please! program,” Yoder said. “Trees provide many benefits, including energy efficiency. Trees serve as natural windbreaks in the winter and provide shade to homes and businesses in the summer.”

In September and October, cities and community organizations can submit applications for Trees Please! grants to MidAmerican Energy to be considered for grants of $1,000 or more. MidAmerican Energy selects grant recipients based on the merits of a project, the benefit to the community, and the ability to obtain matching funds.

More Information
For more information on either program, go to MidAmerican Energy’s "Plant Trees, Save Energy" page, email, or call 800-434-4017.

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