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Appliance Recycling program correcting delays after recycling company goes out of business

DES MOINES, Iowa – (Nov. 25, 2015) – MidAmerican Energy Company announced today that the abrupt closing of the company that handled its Appliance Recycling program has led to delays in processing rebate payments to customers. The utility is asking customers who have recycled appliances and have not received payment within the period indicated at the time of pickup to contact MidAmerican Energy.

MidAmerican Energy’s Appliance Recycling program offers rebates to customers who recycle old refrigerators, freezers and room air conditioners. MidAmerican Energy had contracted with Jaco Environmental to handle the pickup and recycling of the appliances and process rebates for customers in Iowa, Illinois and South Dakota. On November 23, 2015, Jaco officials informed MidAmerican Energy that the company was going out of business and would no longer be performing its program duties.

MidAmerican Energy is working with another vendor to handle appliance pickups already scheduled for November and December as well as future pickups.

“The appliance recycling program has been very popular with our customers,” said Tina Yoder, director, energy efficiency for MidAmerican Energy. “We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the sudden disruption of this program, and want to assure our customers we are working to address the issues with outstanding rebate checks.”

Customers who are still awaiting rebates after the payment period indicated at the time of pickup, or who have had an appliance recycling rebate check rejected, are asked to call MidAmerican Energy Customer Service at 1-888-427-5632 and provide their information. MidAmerican Energy will work with customers who have had rebate checks rejected by their financial institutions to make sure those rebates are honored.

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