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National Preparedness Month: MidAmerican Energy offers tips for protecting people and property during power outages

DES MOINES, Iowa – (Sept. 16, 2015) – Do you have a plan for safeguarding your family and home in the event of a power outage?

September is National Preparedness Month, and MidAmerican Energy Company encourages customers to be ready to act if they should experience a loss of electric or natural gas service. Outages can occur for a number of reasons, including severe weather, trees falling on power lines, accidental damage to gas or electric lines, animal contact or equipment failure, among others. Although MidAmerican Energy works diligently to prevent and limit the extent of any power outages, having a plan and communicating the plan to family members will help protect you and your home if the power goes out.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the possibility of a power outage:

  • Assemble an outage safety kit and store it in a place that’s easy to locate in the dark. At a minimum, your kit should contain:

    • Flashlights with extra batteries

    • Battery-powered radio with extra batteries

    • A three-day supply of nonperishable food and water for every member of the household, including pets

    • Manual can opener

    • Blankets and warm clothing

    • First aid supplies

    • Extra cash, in case ATMs are down.
  • Review outage safety with all members of your household. Be sure everyone knows where the outage safety kit is stored. Children should know what to do in case they are home with a babysitter when the power goes out.

  • If you have a landline telephone in your home, keep one corded phone that can be plugged directly into the phone jack if a power outage occurs. Cordless phones rely on electricity and will not work during an outage, whereas corded phones are powered through telephone lines.

  • If someone in your household has a medical condition that requires special life-support equipment or medication that needs constant refrigeration, you will have to develop an alternate care plan in the event of a power outage. Call MidAmerican Energy’s customer service department at 888-427-5632; our representative will be happy to send you a packet of information you can discuss with your physician and other family members.

  • Add this number to your cell phone contacts: 800-799-4443. This is the number MidAmerican Energy customers should call to report power outages or downed power lines. Reporting an outage helps crews restore your power as quickly and safely as possible.

  • Keep your vehicle’s gas tank at least half-full at all times, since gas pumps may not work during a power outage. If you have an electric garage door opener, know how to operate the manual release lever so you can raise the door and get your vehicle out of the garage.
For more information about steps you can take to keep your family safe during a power outage, visit our Storm Center

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