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Save energy, save money this heating season with tips from MidAmerican Energy

DES MOINES, Iowa – (Jan. 5, 2015) – As temperatures drop, energy consumption rises. MidAmerican Energy Company wants to help customers improve the energy efficiency of their homes so they can reduce their monthly utility bills while staying safe and warm this winter.

A home energy assessment is a good starting point for customers who want to save money on home heating costs. MidAmerican Energy’s HomeCheck® service analyzes features of your home and points out improvements that can make a big difference in your energy consumption – things like adding insulation, sealing windows and doors, upgrading your heating and cooling system, and more. You may be eligible for rebates from MidAmerican Energy to make the cost of these improvements more affordable. Call 800-545-0762 to learn more or schedule a HomeCheck assessment.

In addition to the HomeCheck program, MidAmerican Energy offers a number of no- or low-cost ideas to make your home or small business more energy-efficient this winter:

• Set your thermostat at 68 degrees or lower. You can save even more with a programmable thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature when you’re asleep or away. For every degree you lower the setting below 68 in winter, you reduce your energy consumption by about four percent over a 24-hour period.
• Keep cold air out and warm air in. Use weather stripping and caulk to seal cracks and block drafts around doors, windows, chimneys, electrical outlets and other areas of potential air leakage. Window wrap kits, available at hardware and home improvement stores, reduce heat loss through glass and increase the comfort of your home.
• Let the sun do the work. Open drapes, shades and blinds on sunny days to take advantage of the sun’s warming power. Closed drapes double as insulators when the sun isn’t shining.
• Clear the way. Be sure your air registers and radiators aren’t blocked by furniture, rugs, draperies or other objects in your home. Vacuum or dust register vents on a regular basis so warm air can circulate freely.
• Preventive maintenance pays dividends. Have your home’s heating system serviced once a year to keep it running efficiently. Check your furnace filters regularly and replace dirty filters that make your system work harder and use more energy than necessary.

For more tips and information about energy efficiency programs available to you, visit MidAmerican Energy’s website at

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