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Give yourself a gift this holiday season – long-lasting, energy-saving LED lights

DES MOINES, Iowa – (Dec. 12, 2014) – Americans love their holiday lights. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the United States uses 2.22 million kilowatt hours of electricity each year to operate miniature holiday lights – enough electricity to power 1,300 average homes for a year.

If it’s been a while since you purchased holiday lights, you might be surprised by the wealth of choices available these days. For a lighting option that uses less energy, lasts longer and offers significant safety advantages, MidAmerican Energy Company advises you to consider making the switch from traditional incandescent bulbs to holiday lights using light-emitting diode

Compared to incandescent bulbs, LED lights:
• Use up to 75 percent less energy
• Last up to 10 times longer
• Produce almost no heat and are more resistant to breakage, which make them safer to use on your tree and in other areas of your home

When purchasing LED lights, check the box for the ENERGY STAR® label. An ENERGY STAR rating means the lights have been subjected to a 1,000-hour continuous test and carry a three-year warranty.

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